Valera Fooksman (oxfv) wrote,
Valera Fooksman

An open letter to the Abuse Team

Hi there,

I'm a paid LJ user oxfv.

Today the journal of the user kukutz has been suspended. He has never violated any rules of LiveJournal, his only fault was that he added numerous friends to his friends list without their permission. Such permission has never been required by the LiveJournal TOS, however, numerous complains of the added people led to the account being suspended. kukutz was (and is) my virtual friend, his journal is always intersting and never offending. He conducted this experiment to see why people are so stubborn and stupid to complain about something that is PERFECTLY ALIGNED WITH THE TOS of our community. He tried to explain that adding someone as a friend is not more a privacy violation than subscribing to a newspaper. He never posted anything in the journals of the complaining people (it's them who flooded his!).

I consider the suspension of kukutz's account a violation of freedom of speech. Also, it violates my right as a paid user to read the person I chose to read: kukutz. Also, it violates my right to befriend people I like without getting their permission. I myself would like to AVOID GIVING PERMISSIONS to include me in anybody's friends list.

Please get sane and unsuspend kukutz's journal.


Неслучайное слово из этого поста: kukutz.
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