Valera Fooksman (oxfv) wrote,
Valera Fooksman

Проникновенье наше по планете

Bram Stoker, "Dracula":
Whereupon the captain [of the Czarina Catherine] tell him that he had better be quick - with blood - for that his ship will leave the place - of blood - before the turn of the tide - with blood. Then the thin man [count Dracula] smile and say that of course he must go when he think fit; but he will be surprise if he go quite so soon. The captain swear again, polyglot, and the thin man make him bow, and thank him, and say that he will so far intrude on his kindness as to come aboard before the sailing. Final the captain, more red than ever, and in more tongues, tell him that he doesn't want no Frenchmen - with bloom upon them and also with blood - in his ship - with blood on her also.

Как уверенно господин Стокер ставит простую русскую речь на службу тематике своего произведения!

Неслучайное слово из этого поста: polyglot.
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