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“Well done!” said Leonard. “Tell me, sergeant, are you of a nautical persuasion?”
Colon saluted again. “Nossir! Happily married man, sir!”
“I meant, have you ploughed the ocean waves at all?”
Colon gave him a cunning look.
“Ah, you can't catch me with that one, sir,” he said. “Everyone knows the horses sink.”
Leonard paused for a moment and retuned his brain to Radio Colon.
“Have you, in the past, floated around, on the sea, in a boat, at all?”

Veni, vidi, vici.” I came, I saw, I conquered.
As a comment it always struck Vimes as a bit too pat. It wasn't the sort of thing you came up with on the spur of the moment, was it? It sounded as if he had worked it out. He'd probably spent long evenings in his tent, looking up in the dictionary short words beginning with V and trying them out… Veni, vermini, vomui, I came, I got ratted, I threw up? Visi, veneri, vamoosi, I visited, I caught an embarrassing disease, I ran away? It must have been a big relief to come up with three short acceptable words. He probably made them up first, and then went off to see somewhere and conquer it.

И то, и другое - из "Jingo".

Неслучайное слово из этого поста: vamoosi.
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