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Bug report:

Title: Dual display monitor systems with negative coords bugs
Severity: 2 (Major bug, user has workaround, must be fixed)
Case History: User posted on USB newsgroup
Steps to reproduce: Dual monitor system with the secondary monitor on the left that has a NEGATIVE coordinate system: Run SW on the secondary monitor 1) click on [this thing]: program closes 2) Open [this dialog], text is clipped on the left side 3) the tool tips in the left monitor are displayed on the right monitor (not un-common MFC issue?)
My response:

To the best of my knowledge the NEGATIVE coordinate system is a very rare configuration for the dual monitor systems. Manufacturers usually suggest to use POSITIVE configuration even if your secondary monitor is on your left. Please ask the user to reconfigure for the proper coordinate system. I also suggest to consider lowering the severity as we have no intent to provide for the NEGATIVE coordinate system, at least not in the near future.

Another option is of course to run the software on the primary monitor. I hope at least the primary one has the POSITIVE coordinate system!
The response from the bug originator:
Fine by me, I dont have a dual monitor system anyway but you know how these darn customers like to whine when they cant use their favourite setup. The severity was based only on the program exit problem which can be fatal and I thought you should know about in case it becomes more common.

Вот так и развлекаемся. I know I can be very convincing sometimes.

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